Acrylic pouring for beginners - Step by Step - Chakra colors

Purpose, Scope or Aim of the OER

The purpose of this resource is to introduce students to the world of art through the creation of their own painting. This activity offers students to work on their creativity, imagination, encourage their ability to concentrate and, if we pay attention, we can discover a lot of their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Short Description of the methods or approaches used in this OER

This resource focuses on different examples and types of technology that we use on a daily basis today that did not exist or existed at least in concept before.

This can be a fun activity in which the teacher helps students to identify what the items they use today were like decades ago, and the advantages and disadvantages that technological progress has had on society.

Step-by-step instructions for teachers to use OER

1. Write a list of all the materials that will be needed to carry out this activity.
2. Once all the materials have been obtained, hand out to each student all the materials they will need and the colours that each student chooses for their painting.
3. Explain step by step what they will need to do to create their painting and make sure that you also create one so that they can see your results.
4. Constantly check what each student is doing and ask them if they need help with anything or if they need any materials that they have run out of.
5. The paintings take 24 hours to dry, so ask students to write their names on the back of each painting so you can identify them the next day.
6. Leave the squares to dry for 24 hours.
7. The next day, see the results of your paintings together, and look at all the works of art you all have created! The students can then take their paintings home and show their parents their fantastic creations.