Past and Present | Technology Then and Now

Purpose, Scope or Aim of the OER

The aim of this resource is to show young people how technology has evolved over time. To show them how technology has changed from the time of their parents or grandparents until now. How what was big has become small, how what was small has become even smaller and how computing power has accelerated at bewildering speeds.

Short Description of the methods or approaches used in this OER

This resource focuses on different examples and types of technology that we use on a daily basis today that did not exist or existed at least in concept before.


This can be a fun activity in which the teacher helps students to identify what the items they use today were like decades ago, and the advantages and disadvantages that technological progress has had on society.

Step-by-step instructions for teachers to use OER

Make sure you have a computer and internet to play the video in your classroom.

1. To begin, before playing this OERs, write down on the board different technological items that can be found in your classroom at a glance (computers, mobiles, USBs, etc.).
2. Once identified and noted, ask the class the following questions.
3. Do you know what some of these items looked like physically many years ago?
5. Can you tell us how you think these items used to work in the past?
6. Having asked these questions and worked with some of the students’ imaginations, it is time to play the video.
7. After you have finished watching the learning video, discuss with the students what they found striking about the video, what surprised them about what they saw or what they found interesting.
8. Then ask them the following questions.
9. Do you think that the advance of technology has changed our lives?
10. Do you like technological advances?
11. Would you like to have used some old technology?
10. Would you like to know about the technological advancement of other items? Like which ones?
11. Ask students to write a list of pros and cons of the consequences of technological progress.
12. What do you think these technological items shown in the video will be like in the future?

This activity will help students become more aware of the continual evolution of the technology they use in their daily lives and how this offers both benefits and drawbacks in our lives.