Purpose, Scope or Aim of the OER

The purpose of this resource is to engage students in a fun active way to fractions and mathematics. The game is fun yet educational.

Short Description of the methods or approaches used in this OER

This OER consists of Fractions being displayed on the screen and you have a multiple choice to pick the correct decimal it correlates to. The faster you get the correct answer the faster your chosen puppy runs. The winner is the student who answers the questions the fastest and their puppy crosses the finish line.

Step-by-step instructions for teachers to use OER

This OER requires an internet connection and the ability to access the internet. A race can have maximum 12 people.

⦁ Log onto the site and select create private game. Choose your password and write it on the white board.
⦁ Get the class to log on to the site and choose a name for there puppy, and to enter the password to join your game.
⦁ While in the lobby the students can choose what colour, they would like their puppy to be.
⦁ Once everyone is ready start the race!
⦁ The race will finish when the first puppy crosses the line.
⦁ If a student missed an answer or didn’t answer correctly, it will show up after the race.
⦁ You could use this as an indicator as to what fractions they are stuck on and go revise.