Star Wars Themed Video

Purpose, Scope or Aim of the OER

Female scientists can be multilateral personalities.

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Star Wars themed video about the four fundamental forces of Nature and the ongoing journey to discover a grand unified theory, which would unite all the forces at extremely high energies. Written, directed and edited by Sarah Charley, Fermilab/US CERN Communications Starring: Claire Lee, Research Associate at Brookhaven National Laboratory Alex Brown, University of Geneva PhD student/CERN Education Group Filmed by Christoph M. Martin and Julian Ordan, CERN video productions Music: “Epic” by “Cinematic” by Manuel Senfft “Peaceful Mind” by Borrex “Stereogamy” by Stealing Orchestra

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A motivational material which shows that scientists can be non-traditional people: “She is one of us” can be used for a public speaking competition”
Use this entertaining video to discuss Science Fiction movies and STEAM.