What is AI

Purpose, Scope or Aim of the OER

The aim of this OER is to introduce AI to students and have them design what they think AI looks like.

Short Description of the methods or approaches used in this OER

This OER is a worksheet that can be given to students when learning about I.T/ Artificial Intelligence. The worksheet consists of 10 questions which students could answer.
By completing this OER students should
⦁ Have a better understanding to what AI is.
⦁ Understand that AI among other things has no gender and should not be biased towards one gender.

Step-by-step instructions for teachers to use OER

⦁ Print out the worksheet, each student will need one.
⦁ Hand out the worksheet to each student and have them fill in each question.
⦁ Once they fill in each question ask them to then colour in the diagram.
⦁ Once everyone has completed the worksheet, you could then have a discussion of everyone’s results writing them up on a whiteboard or flipchart.
⦁ Are there similarities between among the student group? Ask the students why they believe AI is male/female?